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Stacking your Pancakes tall is good, Stacking your Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Florida is better


April 26, 2024

Joe Nelson, Agency Principal


It is no secret that I am a huge advocate for the highest limits of Uninsured Motorist Coverage you can afford, and I have a personal story to the reason why you should carry as much as you can. Give me a call sometime and I'll tell you the story of how that went.


Today we are talking to our Florida Motorcyclists (or bicyclists, runners, or anyone using our streets or sidewalks not in a car). This blog is to strongly advocate why you MUST HAVE Stacking Uninsured Motorist on your auto policy to help you in the event of an accident while riding.

A hog enjoying a nice stack of pancakes after riding his hog to the diner
A hog enjoying a nice stack of pancakes after riding his hog to the diner

Navigating the open road on a motorcycle in Florida is not just an adventure; it's a lifestyle. People flock to the state and take advantage of our year round riding season. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to insurance. Many riders might not be aware of the potential lack of coverage they may have if they don't look at their auto policy or understand how auto insurance works with uninsured motorist. Enter the unsung hero of insurance options: stacked uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage on your personal auto insurance policy. Let's break down how this coverage can act as a safety net, turning potentially financially devastating situations into manageable bumps on the road.

Understanding Stacked Coverage

First off, "stacked" coverage might sound like something out of a card game, but it's actually a crucial financial protection tool. Stacking allows you to combine the uninsured motorist (UM) coverage limits for multiple vehicles on your policy, giving you a higher total amount of coverage. For instance, if you have two cars with $50,000 per person / $100,000 per occurrence in UM coverage each, stacking would give you a total of $100,000 of injury coverage per person that applies while you're driving your car, someone else’s car, walking, or yes, riding your motorcycle.

Why It Matters for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders face unique risks on the road. In an ideal world, every driver would carry enough insurance to cover any damages they cause in an accident. However, we don't live in that world. Florida has a high rate of uninsured and underinsured drivers, making stacked UM coverage a critical safety net. Here are a few scenarios where it can make a significant difference:

  • Accidents with Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers: Imagine you're cruising down I-10, and suddenly, a driver swerves into your lane, causing you to crash. If that driver lacks sufficient insurance (or any at all), your stacked UM coverage can kick in to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses without dipping into your savings.

  • Laying Down the Bike to As a Result of Another Drivers Negligence: In a split-second decision to avoid a potentially fatal collision, you lay down your bike, resulting in injuries and damage to your ride. Even if the other vehicle doesn’t even see you, makes contact and knowingly or unknowingly flees the scene, your stacked UM coverage can provide for your losses, acting as a phantom vehicle coverage.

  • Hit-and-Runs: A particularly concerning scenario for any rider is a hit-and-run. Whether you're hit by a car that speeds away or return to find your parked motorcycle damaged by an unknown vehicle, stacked UM coverage can help cover the costs of your injuries or damages when the at-fault party is nowhere to be found.




Most Floridians don't know how car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and health insurance work in an accident. Most people assume that because they have health insurance, their injuries would be covered no matter what.

Don't we wish that was true...

The order in which insurance policies and coverage pay in an accident in order:

  1. Workers Compensation

  2. Personal Injury Protection

  3. First Party Medical Payments

  4. Other Party's Bodily Injury

  5. Your Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Closing the Gap

It's easy to see why stacked UM coverage is more than just another line item on your insurance policy—it's a strategic move to protect yourself on all fronts. For motorcycle riders in Florida, where the sun shines bright but the insurance risks can cast long shadows, it's an essential layer of protection.

While some might worry about the cost, the value of peace of mind and financial security can far outweigh the premium. After all, can you really put a price on ensuring you're covered in scenarios that, while we hope never happen, could occur at any moment?

The Bottom Line

Stacked uninsured motorist coverage is a must-have for Florida motorcyclists. It extends the protective umbrella of your auto insurance to cover you in ways that motorcycle insurance alone might not. In a state known for its high number of uninsured drivers, it's a smart strategy to shield yourself from potential financial storms.

So, when you're gearing up for your next ride, take a moment to consider your insurance coverage. Stacked UM coverage might just be the best companion for your journey, offering protection, peace of mind, and the freedom to ride with confidence.

Ride safe, Florida!

Note: The scenarios and examples provided are for illustrative purposes only. Please consult with an insurance professional to discuss your specific needs and to understand how stacked uninsured motorist coverage can benefit you.

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