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What Makes Us Different?

At Nelson Insurance Agency, we aren't trying to cover everything or everyone.  With our experience, carrier contacts, licenses, we CAN cover everything or everyone.  We choose to specialize on our area, the Gulf Coast, for full time residents and investors / non-residents with their insurance needs.  We would rather be the people to call first on Florida Panhandle than just a generic insurance agency.  We know our area and know it well. 

This isn't to say if you like who we are and what we stand for, and are in another part of Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, or more that we won't help.  Quite the contrary.  We may be the Gulf Coast experts but we are also VERY GOOD at what we do and are happy to see if we can help you with your needs.  If we can't, you have our word to connect you with vetted like minded insurance agents in other areas who can assist you.

Why we focus on the Gulf Coast is for a very valid reason. 

If you have a claim it will be one of the if not the worst day of your life.  We want to make sure we are there for you.  We want to meet you at your home if there is a fire.  We will compile and distribute resources for disaster shelters, MRE's, water, and supplies after a hurricane.  We will connect you with vetted local contractors who won't rip you (or your insurance company) off.  We are here for you.

We want to engrain ourselves into our community through our expertise, care, and generosity so customers and non-customers alike know if they need help, they can call us, or we will be there.  Because that is what we do on the Gulf Coast.  We know that we are truly the only people that can understand what we are going through.  And whether there are storms that hit anywhere along the coast, we help participate in the recovery.  At the end of that day that is who we are.

And we are excited to get to know you and show you that first hand.

Image by Leslie Cross

Local Expertise

Any licensed agent in Florida can sell anywhere in Florida.  But we know our area well.  The Gulf Coast is different than the rest of the state.  We know which carriers are the most competitive for which houses.  We know what coverages are needed most.

Plus, we are happy to share with you our favorite restaurants, fishing spots, places to park at the beach, and more.  Just ask!

Charity Drive

We Care

Nothing can describe the devastation wrought by a hurricane.  We've been there and will continue to be there to help others pick up the pieces.  It is what we do.

After Hurricane Ida we started to facilitate donations and collected more than $20,000 to help those in Houma, New Orleans, and in all the towns across the most damaged parishes.

We will continue to help those after major storms in and outside of our home city.  Because it is what we on the Gulf Coast do.  We will be here for you and for others.

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