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Fun with AI: Enjoy our insurance jingle!


Joe Nelson - Agency Owner

June 26, 2024


We love ai!

We are happy to go on and on about how AI is making the world of insurance easier, but today we are focusing in on something a little goofier.

Recently we were working on a project for one of our partner businesses and discovered where you can input lyrics, or ideas for lyrics and have an entire song made for you, in whatever style you choose, created and performed by AI. We helped one of our business clients with a short video (inquire with about pricing) and adding a catchy song for their website promoting their new Dune Buggy Rental.

The client said to us "you should make a commercial jingle, something that gets stuck in your head". You don't need to tell us a good idea twice. We took the "Stress Less, Save More" and realized it could rhyme with .org and ideas were had. We asked for a 30 second catchy southern rock anthem commercial jingle, but the ai made an entire song.

So here it is.

Do we want to pass this off as anything other than derivative made by sampling or scraping works of many other hardworking, creative, and talented artists? Not at all. We aren't even saying it is any good. But, we wanted to share with you what we felt was a fun exercise in learning more about how ai will help us in different ways.

And... if you think this is impressive, we'd love to show you how we leverage ai to best protect you, and those things that matter most to you.

So as the song says:

"Call or click today and make your

Insurance blues go away

Don’t hesitate

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