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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cover my ... ?

The answer in insurance is always, it depends!  Fact is we can cover most things, and if we can't we try to connect you with someone who specializes in that.  We network with over 40,000 agents on Facebook, and have close relationships with other owners across the state and in different states.  We are happy to help you find a vetted agent.

Why do I see something about hemp, marijuana, or CBD on your Facebook / website?

We have a sub-agency called Caelus CBD which focuses on helping retail CBD / Hemp stores and small manufacturers find insurance coverage.  We found that most of these companies were underinsured or overpaying so we decided to help make sure they could have the right coverage to legally and ethically do business.

What types of insurance do you offer?

We primarily specialize in primary, owner occupied homes and flood insurance.  We have a couple carriers which offer discounts for bundling car insurance too just like the old days of insurance.  Outside of owner occupied homes we have a strong appetite for condos, short term vacation rentals, well kept long term rentals, newer well maintained mobile homes, boats, recreational vehicles, and non-construction related small businesses.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Unfortunately we only sell insurance to people who know and understand its importance.  If you don't yet know or understand why you need insurance for your cars, homes, rental homes, or other property you have our gratitude for checking us out, but we won't be a good fit as your agent.

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