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Working with Nelson Insurance Agency

Disrupting the traditional agency model and old fashioned insurance agent mindset.

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Our Mission

Be The Agency Our Customers Deserve

Our Mission is to educate our clients about insurance and risk while offering purposeful protection, intrepid solutions, and unwavering assistance when needed.

We know the world is changing and we want to adapt with it.  Our biggest threat in insurance today is not each other, but the consolidation of the major players reducing options for our customers.  These big direct carriers sell on price only, indoctrinating people to shop on price alone, and ignore coverage needs.

We feel that with superior communication skills, a desire to educate first, and leveraging superior technology and communication methods that we will be the next step in the local independent agency evolution revolution.

Our Values

Our Promises to Our Customers, To Our Team, and To Each Other

Our Values In Business:

1.) We care about people and are motivated by helping others
2.) We are educators first and agents second
3.) We offer value with no strings attached
4.) We learn, adapt, think, work, and act quickly
5.) We authentically engage, support, and uplift everyone we interact with

Our Promises To Our Team:

1.) We will invest in you
2.) We will equip you to be the best you can be
3.) We are honest in our praise and coaching
4.) We treat each other with respect, empathy, and compassion
5.) We will adapt with the times, and will be an organization you will be proud to work with now and in the future

Our Responsibility (What we owe to each other):

1.) We own our mistakes

2.) We understand mistakes happen, but accept responsibility to learn from them so we try to make them only once

3.) We own the responsibility of being a trusted advisor

4.) We are expected to find solutions to problems, but encouraged to ask for help when needed

5.) We own our words, emails, actions, and results

Financial Report

Why Work With Us?


Only the Best

We look to hire the best and most talented people in and outside of our industry.  Insurance and Financial Services are some of the highest paying careers available today.  With a culture of fun, empathy, and accountability we will hire and keep only the people that will be a net positive to our organization.

Investing in You

Developing A Better You

A career in insurance can take you a lot of places.  A career with our organization can take you even further.  Our team members are the most important people.  We work hard to invest in you, your skills, your education, and promise that our team will stop at nothing to help you be the best you can be.

Best Technology

Upgrading our UI to make your day better

Let's face it, if you've worked in insurance before you have worked with some out of date tech.  Part of our commitment to the privacy, security, and protection of our clients, is utilizing great and safe technology.  Part of our commitment to you is investing in the tools you use everyday to make sure our processes don't make you want to beat your head against the wall.  Efficiency, user experience, and ease of use all factor in and we invest heavily in making sure that the tools you use every day are top notch.

Great Carrier Mix

Only the Best

We don't sell on price. But, we do sell on VALUE. We define value as the best of coverage, price, and carrier. We are proud of the carriers we partner with, and we take our partnership seriously. We aim to have only the best in class insurers so our customers know they are protected. We vet each one heavily, and work to spread the risks to the right carriers. You can be assured that the carriers we offer will always keep you in the mix regardless of what our customers are trying to insure.


Redefining the Workplace

The pandemic changed the way people do business. Part of that is how a traditional office is supposed to run. Part of our commitment to our team members is that we will offer a lot of freedom. That includes a flexible work environment. Once you are fully trained, and in a role that doesn't require your presence at the office daily we are flexible to you working remotely. If your home doesn't offer a conducive work environment, we have a workstation ready for you. At the end of the day we want to make sure our customers are taken care of and whether that happens from our desk or yours, it makes no difference. Our ask is that with increased freedom that you deliver exceptional results.

Opportunity and Compensation

Grow With Us

Our goal is to provide good compensation so our team members can have happy and comfortable lives. We will strive to offer more than our competitors. We want to offer the best to the best.

With any start-up there will be opportunities to grow. But, working for someone else may not be the dream for everyone. The satisfaction of knowing the work you perform actually is building something is important for motivation and self-worth. For some positions, our goal will be to offer a vested ownership interest in your client book of business. This will allow you to build something for yourself, and your family. If you ever decide to leave, whether to change careers, or to open your own agency, there will be an opportunity to sell your ownership interest, or to buy it from us.


Want to Learn More?

Send us an email at

Make sure to include:

  • Your Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • 3 Professional References

  • 3 Personal References

In your email body include a short essay on one of the following:

  • Describe the person (present, past, dead, or alive) you admire the most and why

  • Describe an experience that has been the MOST valuable to you and why

  • Something you are personally passionate about, and why others should be passionate about it too

  • Teach us something new or how to make something, and give instructions on how to do it

If you are currently licensed, make sure to include your license number.

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